Manor Drive Access Update

From Tuesday 2nd May, access to the Manor Drive Academies will change due to the opening of the Porter Avenue gates. This will mean 2-way access at pick up and drop off times as well as a reduction in the use of the A47 junction.

Park and Stride

The Manor Drive Academies have been designed as Park and Stride schools meaning cars should only access the school grounds where necessary. We aim to minimise the number of cars accessing the site and ask that alternative travel arrangements are considered. This may include walking, use of bikes, use of scooters and car sharing options. Pedestrian access is available via Porter Avenue and the Paston Bridge to supplement the Park and Stride concept.

Traffic Management

The Academies traffic management plan has been agreed with Peterborough Highways and Peterborough City Council to ensure everyone is kept as safe as possible. It ensures the A47 junction is not used as the primary access route and traffic flow around the school moves in a specified way.

Vehicular access onto site will be available via Porter Avenue and from Newborough Road. Porter Avenue will become the main exit point for vehicles.

Exiting the school via Newborough Road to the A47 is strongly discouraged.

Site Access

The external gates will be opened to support the drop-off and collection of children at key times within the day.

Vehicle access gates will open from 7:00am and close at 9:00am daily.

Gates will open at 3:00pm for collection Monday to Thursday. Gates will open at 1:45pm each Friday due to the Secondary School collection.

Access to site outside of these times will be available by use of the intercom system.

Manor Drive Academies Traffic Management System

The safety of every individual on school site is the main priority of the Manor Drive Academies. To ensure this is the case, the traffic management plan should by adhered to at all times.

All users of the site are expected to act responsibly, driving with caution and care and within the speed limit of 10mph.

Staff car parks will no longer be accessible to parents. This is to future proof the site where staff numbers will dramatically increase. All vehicles should utilise the drop off bay and follow the designated routes on and off site.

Drop-offs should be completed as quickly as possible to allow cars to utilise the drop-off zone effectively. Drivers should ensure they park safely and do not leave gaps between cars to maximise capacity.

Children must only exit vehicles once in the drop off zones. This prevents the need to cross a busy road and keeps everyone as safe as possible.

For safety reasons, U-turns are not permitted on school grounds – all cars must exit via the Porter Avenue gates unless utilising the turning loop. Once cars move beyond the turning loop, the Porter Avenue exit must be used.

The Porter Avenue entrance is accessible via Manor Drive. Cars must enter and continue up to and around the turning loop before parking in the drop off zone. Cars are not permitted to cross over the oncoming lane. On exit, there is no right turn available. Cars should follow the route around Porter Avenue and Arkwright Way to re-join Manor Drive.

On arrival to site, all vehicles should utilise the designated entrance gates. When exiting, all vehicles should utilise the exit gates by pulling up to the marked yellow lines. Drivers should only pass through the exit gates when the marked hatched area is clear. Failure to comply with these rules may result in damage to cars or possible collision. No responsibility will be taken by the academies in such an instant. All access gates are monitored by 24-hour CCTV which will be reviewed wherever an incident occurs.

When parking off site, we ask that all drivers act responsibly by not obstructing access points to streets, garages and driveways. Cars should not park near junctions or obstruct the access of emergency vehicles. Parents/carers should park considerately and responsibly and not in a way which could endanger pupils and other pedestrians and road users. Parents should not park where double yellow lines are marked on the highway.

We ask that all parents and staff abide by the traffic management system to ensure the safety of everyone on site. Once in operation, the plan will be reviewed to ensure the safest solutions are found.

We thank you for your continuing support and patience as we roll out these changes.


Kind regards

Mr C Petrie

Appendix A – Visual representation of Manor Drive site.

Appendix B – Traffic routes