Breakfast Club and After School Club

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As the Manor Drive Primary Academy and Nursery opens in September 2022, we are thrilled and excited to also offer you a brand new before and after school provision for your children.  

We realise how difficult it can be for some families to manage their work and commitments around the school day and nursery sessions.  So we are delighted to offer our Hornbeams Club as a safe and engaging place for your children to be cared for before and after school or nursery.

Hornbeams Club is a place that will provide a friendly environment, with high quality care and supervision.  Nutritious breakfast and afternoon snacks will be provided and are included in the session prices.  Children will have opportunities to enjoy organised fun activities (indoors and outdoors) along with the freedom to include their own favourites.  They may also take the time to relax and socialise with their peers or to perhaps complete their homework or develop their reading and other skills.

Our ethos is to provide a place where children love to spend time, either preparing for a busy school day or nursery session, or to wind down or to expend energy and creativity before heading home.

We very much look forward to welcoming your children to our Hornbeams Club!

To register a place at Hornbeams Club, please complete this form at the top of this page.