MAT policies adopted by all schools in the trust is indicated by the (MAT) suffix.  All other policies apply specifically to the school. 


  1. Admission Policy September 2023
  2. Admission Policy September 2024-25
  3. Asbestos Management Policy (MAT)
  4. Attendance-Policy-2023-2024
  5. Behaviour Policy
  6. Charges and remissions Policy (MAT)
  7. Children In Care Policy (MAT)
  8. Code of Conduct of Trustees (MAT)
  9. Complaints Policy (MAT)
  10. Contractors Policy (MAT)
  11. EAL Policy (MAT)
  12. Energy Management
  13. Equality and Diversity Policy MAT Pupils_Students
  14. Equality Duty Statement Public Sector (MAT)
  15. Fire/Evacuation Policy
  16. First Aid Policy (MAT)
  17. Four Cs MAT Public Sector Equality Duty report
  18. Freedom of Information Policy (MAT)
  19. GDPR Policy (MAT)
  20. Guidance for Safer Working Practice (Other)
  21. Health and Safety Policy and Procedures (MAT)
  22. ICT Display Screen Equipment Policy (MAT)
  23. ICT Staff Policy (MAT)
  24. ICT Student Policy (MAT)
  25. Intimate Care Policy (MAT)
  26. Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023 (statutory guidance)
  27. Manual Handling (MAT)
  28. Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy (MAT)
  29. Medical Conditions Policy (MAT)
  30. Menopause Policy (MAT)
  31. Pay Policy (MAT)
  32. Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (MAT)
  33. Privacy Notice - Learners (MAT)
  34. Privacy Notice - Staff (MAT)
  35. Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure (MAT)
  36. Recruitment of Ex Offenders Policy (MAT)
  37. Relationships and Sex Policy (MAT)
  38. Remote / Lone Worker Policy (MAT)
  39. Responding to Prejudice Related Incidents Policy
  40. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - MDPA (23-24)
  41. Security Policy (MAT)
  42. SEND Policy
  43. Single Central Record
  44. Staff Wellbeing Policy (MAT)
  45. Visiting Speakers Policy (MAT)
  46. Wellbeing policy (MAT)
  47. Whistleblowing Policy (MAT)