School Meals

Manor Drive Primary Academy have chosen Pabulum as their school caterers. Pabulum are proud of the menus that they create which feature wholesome, nourishing, and delicious dishes, freshly cooked from scratch, every day.  The food choices promote healthy eating and encourage the children to experience a wide range of tastes and flavours. They firmly believe that the children are more likely to eat what they themselves have chosen.

The industry leading Pabulum Dining Experience focuses on creating a social, family experience at lunchtimes promoting interaction between the children.  This inspires the children, has a positive impact in the dining room and supports learning outcomes in the classroom.

Pabulum will be providing significant investment in the dining hall at Manor Drive Primary including:

  • Refreshing an area in the dining room with a bespoke, new look and feel, with menu boards, signage and fun, food fact messages
  • Purchasing a new salad cart
  • Investing in a new dessert station
  • Purchasing a recycling station
  • Provision of tablecloths, cutlery holders, bread baskets and napkin holders for each table

For pupils that require a special diet, the school admin team will be sending out medically prescribed diet request forms for completion by parents/carers. Once returned, Anushka, our Pabulum dietician will prepare menus for each pupil, aligned to their individual medical needs.

Children in Reception and KS1, qualify for Universal Infants Free School Meals. 

Pabulum will be attending parents’ evenings, holding ‘taster sessions’ and will be supporting school events so that they quickly and seamlessly become familiar and trusted faces within school.